MW3 players discover new use for season one launcher

We finally have a viable countermeasure for Killstreaks.

MW3 Stormender
Image via Activision.

MW3 players should consider carrying around the Stormender Launcher as a secondary weapon after community members unearthed a hidden talent that will save your life.

Season one introduced the RAM-7 AR, XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle, and Stormender Launcher to Modern Warfare 3. Community members were immediately drawn to the new AR option as it provided an interesting in-between of a close and long-range option.

Greece in MW3
Killstreaks reign of terror is over. Image via Activision.

Players also jumped all over the XRK Stalker, as it offered a much more mobile bolt-action option than the other MW3 Sniper Rifles. In the midst of players fawning over both other weapons, the Stormender got lost in the fold and didn’t get discussed much among community members.

But in typical CoD fashion, all it took was one viral clip for players to finally start talking about the latest Launcher.

Stormender can shoot Killstreaks out of the sky

Sledgehammer Games explicitly spelled it out for us, but MW3 players failed to comprehend how powerful the Stormender could be in multiplayer.

“This brand-new weapon has the power to shoot down specific Killstreaks and take out drones with its lock-on capabilities. With unlimited recharging ammo and the ability to disable and delay enemy equipment, this weapon serves as a very real shock to the system,” the developers said in the season one announcement blog.

It took weeks for the player base to come around on the weapon. CoD content creator ModernWarzone posted a clip of a player shooting a Cruise Missile out of the sky with the Stormender, and the feat shocked community members.

Before, players could only sit and pray when they heard the voice line warning of an enemy Cruise Missile. But the Stormender finally gives players a way to fight back and stay alive. And thanks to the launcher’s unlimited ammunition, the weapon is also beneficial for dealing with annoying turrets or aerial Killstreaks such as a gunship or VTOL.

If you are sick and tired of getting stuck in the blender of dying repeatedly to a Killstreak, it might be worth giving the underrated season one weapon a try.

Make sure to check out our guide if you still need help unlocking the new weapon.


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