League of Legends will change ‘forever’ in 2025, according to game director

Reflecting on what works.

Katarina, Tristana, Ekko and other champions approaching the screen.
Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans can agree that this past year has had plenty of ups and downs, from unique champion releases to incredible new game modes and controversies and complaints alike.

In an open letter to the community, Riot Games’ Pu “Pupulasers” Liu outlined the many things that he learned throughout his first 15 months as the game’s director—along with a hefty promise for the next two years to the player base, stating that next year “will have something for everyone” and the year after that “will change League forever.”

Six champions of HEARTSTEEL, Riots new boy band
The new year could shape up to be something electric. Image via Riot Games

These two statements are tall promises to stand upon at the end of the year, especially after League players found so many different issues with the game in 2023. Whether it was the lack of a season start cinematic, disappointing event passes or the addition of a short-sighted punishment system, the community found itself shaking its head more often than not.

There are, however, some changes and fixes headed to League that should help shake up the scene, including the widely-anticipated return of the season start cinematic for 2024. The punishment system was also revamped to accommodate for any issues, and the devs responded to the event pass debacle with more promised changes for the future.

It is clear that Riot has plenty of plans in store for League over the next two years that will keep its place as one of the most popular video games in the world, but it still has plenty to get right with its fanbase. Pupulasers also outlined many other philosophies that the developers will be focusing on in the near future, including feeling over logic when it comes to roadmap priorities.

Overall, Pupulasers believes that Riot will lock in on “fun over fair, change over inertia, journey before destination” when building for a better future with League. This might be a mindset that not many people agree with, but it is a direction that they seem to be dedicated to for the new year and beyond.


Tyler Esguerra
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