There’s a steering wheel in LEGO Fortnite, but Epic doesn’t want you to know yet

Which direction is LEGO Fortnite steering in?

Character waving at passing hot air balloon in LEGO Fortnite opening
Screenshot by Dot Esports

What started as an invitation for players to peer at upcoming goodies for new builds ended up as a deleted tweet from the official LEGO Fortnite account on Dec. 14, 2023. Despite deleting the tweet, the damage was already done. It turns out Epic released the information too soon. Whoops.

Twitter user iFireMonkey screenshotted a LEGO Fortnite tweet revealing a steering wheel as part of their build tutorial. It’s reminiscent of a ship’s wheel, but it’s uncertain whether it will be used for land, water, or air vehicles, or if the image is simply a placeholder.

Hot air balloon flying into Frostlands in LEGO Fortnite opening
What will you create when the steering wheel arrives? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Building in LEGO Fortnite as of mid-December 2023 is rather limited. Vehicles can only go in a straight line and can’t change direction. The only control you have is using Thrusters to power your vehicle’s forward momentum. While you can make a car and a boat, they can only travel in one direction.

LEGO Fortnite’s building features aren’t as experimental as Minecraft. There is more creative freedom in the latter because it uses individual building blocks rather than starter foundations. Due to the building limitations and lack of a steering wheel, vehicles and railway tracks in LEGO Fortnite are restricted to straight lines, limiting players’ creativity to more basic constructions.

You will have to wait for another update from the LEGO Fortnite team before you can begin to dream up big vehicle ideas, from monster trucks to Zeppelins—if you’re looking for some proper steering control, that is.


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