Streamers are still testing the limits of Twitch’s nudity guidelines

Implied nudity continues to permeate Twitch.

Twitch streamer Firedancer pushing TOS to its limits
Screenshot via Twitch (Firedancer)

Despite Twitch’s decision to walk back on its sexual content policy changes, some streamers are still walking on thin ice, testing the limits of the Twitch Terms of Service.

Twitch implemented new policies regarding sexually explicit (or implicit) content on its platform on Dec. 13, following a massive controversy involving streamers appearing nude. Streamer Morgpie popularized the trend, angling her camera to appear as if she was wearing no clothes. Although Morgpie did confirm to Dexerto she did, in fact, wear clothes under the camera’s view, she was nevertheless banned. The “nude meta,” which Morgpie boosted significantly, ultimately led Twitch to allow “artistic nudity” on the platform. Two days later, on Dec. 15, it rolled back the changes after numerous streamers seemed to be abusing the policy.

Though most explicit content has since disappeared from the platform, the “nude meta” continues to permeate the platform. Most recently, streamer and adult model Firedancer has taken to using black bars to hide her private parts, furthering the new “implied nudity” Twitch meta. As noted by Dexerto on Dec. 19, the streamer uses black bars to obscure her private parts, implying she’s not wearing anything underneath. She even suggested she’s wearing no shirt in one of the clips, aiming to create an allusion to nudity.

The clips Dexerto posted garnered over 15 million impressions on Twitter alone, with the original clip garnering nearly 300,000 views on Twitch. The meta seems to be kicking off with this one—even though Firedancer isn’t actually nude. The streamer showed she does wear clothes under the black bars in another clip, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is what people think, and it’s pretty clear the nude meta has wrapped itself around perceptions, garnering hundreds of thousands of eager Twitch streaming spectators in the process.

While few streamers have followed the lead Firedancer has set this week, it may only be a matter of time before more creators test the boundaries of the new rules.


Andrej Barovic
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