Leaked Fortnite player survey sees Vin Diesel, Zelda top collab wishlists

More collaborations please.

Five Fortnite characters standing next to each other.
Image via Epic Games

A Fortnite player survey regarding which popular collaborations fans wanted to see next in the battle royale has been leaked today with several big-name actors, games, musicians, and pop culture franchises among wishlists as Fortnite prepares to ramp up for 2024.

Fortnite leakers ShiinaBR and djlorenzouasset posted the supposed results for the game’s most recent player survey on Dec. 22, where players were asked which characters, franchises, celebrities, and athletes they want to see collab with the battle royale. Topping the list: Sheik and Link from The Legend of Zelda, The Fast and the Furious actor Vin Diesel, and various characters and franchises from Disney, Marvel, and DC—to name just a few.

Link overlooking Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Link in Fortnite? Why not? Image via Nintendo

Video game crossover ideas that also made the list include VALORANT, Elder Scrolls Online, Demon’s Souls, and The Last of Us. Popular athletes like the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and WWE superstars Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley were also among the choices by players. The survey results included big names from many fields, including fashion and motor vehicle brands, characters from cartoon and anime series, and film and music stars.

Epic Games has not confirmed whether the results of the leaked survey are accurate, but many potential collaborations that could spawn from the survey are exciting, to say the least. Fortnite’s previous crossovers with other franchises and celebrities throughout the years have been highly successful, especially when combined with in-game events such as the recent Big Bang event.

Global rap sensation Eminem graced the Fortnite stage for the event, with servers overflowing with players wanting to catch the event. Three skins featuring the rap artist became available in the game, namely the Rap Boy, Slim Shady, and Marshall Never More outfits.

Just this December, Fortnite collaborated with LEGO to launch the new game mode LEGO Fortnite, where players can explore a vast world and build different structures while interacting with different players and creatures along the way. Also, the new music game mode Fortnite Festival brought various songs by some of the most popular music artists in the world, including The Weeknd.

Will we have a Dominic Toretto skin in the future? Could Link finally debut in Fortnite? How about the famed Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise? After the incredible collaborations we’ve seen in Fortnite already, we can suspect Epic will nail it as per usual.

Season Five, Chapter One is set to end in early March, hinting at a possible date for the next big collab—but as we’ve seen in the past Epic is more than happy to launch a crossover event with a big brand name or star mid-season. We’ll just have to wait and see what they’ve got cooking for Fortnite in 2024.


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