Insomniac breaks silence on ‘extremely distressing’ Wolverine hack

Still no word on official updates for the game.

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Image via Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games put out an official statement today addressing the recent hacking incident, which saw confidential information related to its upcoming Wolverine game being shared online.

While the studio is grateful for the support it’s received from fans, it is understandably “saddened and angered about the recent criminal cyberattack… and the emotional toll it’s taken on our team.” It is also still in the process of determining which data has been affected, although at this point everyone knows that unfinished gameplay of Wolverine has made its way online as well as personal details for both current and former employees.

“This experience has been extremely distressing for us,” Insomniac added, but assured that it will remain “resilient” and work will continue on Wolverine as planned. However, it mentioned, “The game is in production and will no doubt evolve throughout development, as do all our plans,” which strongly implies that not everything leaked is set in stone.

This was always going to be the case. Aside from the Wolverine footage being unfinished, there is no guarantee any of the published details will remain in the final product, even if it hadn’t been stolen and published online. The same goes for the release schedule detailing several unannounced Insomniac projects. With how far along they’re dated, who’s to say any of them will see the light of day, let alone meet their scheduled launch windows.

Insomniac also made it clear it’s not ready to share any formal details about Wolverine, not that that’s surprising. Just because private information was stolen and made public doesn’t mean the developer will drop a new trailer or anything. As for when there’ll be an official announcement of some kind, Insomniac only said it’ll happen “when the time is right.”

In the meantime, it’s claimed that Insomniac has partnered with internet service providers to crack down on anyone attempting to download a playable build of Wolverine, which was among the stolen data. Insomniac itself hasn’t said anything, but it’s advised you don’t go looking for the build. Not only is it the right thing to do, but there’s also a possibility of Insomniac (and thus, Sony) knowing you tried accessing it. Not to mention you’re obtaining it from people who illegally acquired it themselves, opening you up to security risks.


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