The Day Before’s servers are shutting down sooner than you think

Is anyone even surprised at this point?

The day before cover with little Xs to indicate that the servers are shutting down
Image via Fntastic. Remix by Dot Esports

The Day Before game servers will be shutting down on Jan. 22, 2024. 

The announcement was made on Dec. 22 via The Day Before’s X (formerly known as Twitter). Fntastic thanked the community for the support throughout the project’s life but also said the game cannot continue its early-access development without a development team.

It also said the publisher has worked out a deal with Steam to issue all refunds for the game retroactively. 

The Day Before became available on Steam on Dec. 7. But the option to buy the game on Steam was removed on Dec. 11, right after the studio announced its bankruptcy. During this announcement, the developer said the game would still be playable to those who purchased it during the four-day window. But it seems this will no longer be the case.

Commenters on the X post were mostly unsurprised, with many pointing out how the developer had proven its incompetence long before this post was ever made.

One X user wrote: “At this point I don’t think there’s really any apology that’s guna fix the damage. Just refund players at this point and remain silent and leave the gaming industry to actual developers and publishers.”

It should be noted this isn’t the first time that The Day Before developer pulled a stunt like this. The two brothers, Eduard and Aysen Gotovstev have made several games in the past, only to abandon them and make a new studio. One such game is Propnight, which also cannot be purchased on Steam anymore.

Not only that but since the studio’s shutdown announcement, the developer has been working hard on covering all traces of the game ever having existed. It started by removing videos from its YouTube channel and even deleted its Linkedin profile. 

Given how the game performed during its lifespan and given how misleading the developer has been, I say good riddance.


Aleksandar Perišić
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