‘Of course’: Zack Snyder puts his hand up to make a Fortnite movie

Could it be an animated or a live-action film?

Fortnite skins and characters posing together as a group.
Image via Epic Games

Zack Snyder is certainly willing to make a Fortnite movie if he’ll be given a chance to do so, adding to “never say never” in Rebel Moon press interviews today.

In an interview with Etalk while promoting his new Netflix film, the famed Justice League director was asked if he could combine his passion for gaming and creating films by bringing the equally famed Epic Games battle royale to life. Snyder, who has spoken about being a huge Fortnite gamer in the past, said he was “of course” interested.

Fortnite players standing in front of the fortnite logo with a blue background
Two huge brands could come together if Snyder made a Fortnite flick. Image via Epic Games

Snyder pointed out he also wants to “make a skin” for the Epic game, in collaboration with his new movie, Rebel Moon, which he directed. To him, Fortnite has an “amazing world” that he thinks would be very fun to play around in on the silver screen. On top of that, it holds a special place in his heart because it’s been an “amazing distraction” for him.

As mentioned, Snyder is a huge Fortnite fan. Just last month, he spoke with Wired about how the game has affected him recently, particularly in making him stay up until 3am just to play a few more matches. “My wife is like, ‘Are you seriously playing Fortnite at three in the morning against some 12-year-olds?’” Snyder admitted. We’ve all been there.

The Justice League director was first introduced to the game by his son, with the two learning the Fortnite ropes together. His son stopped playing soon after, but Snyder continued to dabble. He has even started buying skins, including a Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks cosmetic.

Epic has not announced any plans for a Fortnite film. But, if the movie comes to fruition with Snyder directing, then it could be one epic (wink) collaboration.


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