How to use the Signal Translator and Transmitter in Lethal Company

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Intern in Lethal Company Update 45 trailer
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The Signal Translator makes your life a little easier in Lethal Company. There is nothing quite as horrifying as hearing your friends’ screams cut off or seeing the “nearby activity” prompt. The Signal Translator is here to warn your friends of the dangers lurking in and around the Facility’s walls. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Signal Translator in Lethal Company.

What is the Signal Translator and Transmitter in Lethal Company?

The signal transmitter in Lethal Company
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The Signal Translator transmits nine-character messages to every member of your party. The messages are broadcasted on each player’s screen as an overlay, allowing them to read the text while looking for scrap and monsters easily. You can only send messages inside the Home Base using Terminal commands.

This ship upgrade costs 255 credits, making it an affordable upgrade after beating the first quota. It’s great for teams with a designated player on camera duty. You’ll also want the Teleporter to avoid fines if your teammates get trapped or die. The Signal Translator can warn players of hostile monsters near the Home Base, like the Forest KeeperEyeless Dogs, or the Earth Leviathan (which can be hard to spot without someone looking at the monitor).

How to use the Signal Translator in Lethal Company

Signal translator with GIANT transmitted across screen on it in Update 45 trailer for Lethal Company
What signal will you receive? Screenshot by Dot Esports via Zeekerrs

To use the Signal Translator in Lethal Company, head to the Terminal inside the Home Base and type in Transmit, followed by the message you want to send. The message is immediately broadcast to all players, but each letter appears slowly on-screen. Due to its nine-character limitation, you must be clear and concise in your posted message so others understand it.

Visually, the input will look like, ‘transmit [nine-character text].”It helps to set up codes before you head into the Facility, like the monster’s name followed by its location. For example, you could use “Jester main” (Jester is at the main entrance), “Coil fire” (Coil-Head is at the fire exit), or “Dog ship” (Eyeless Dog is at the Home Base).

Tip: Signal Transmitters and Translators can be cost-effective

While walkies are more effective and comical most of the time, using the Signal Translator and Transmitter can be much cheaper if you are in a bind. So, when a team works together to designate phrases for specific events, the translator and transmitter can work and be cost-effective.

You can use the Signal Translator at any point in the game. It is also helpful for those who don’t have someone on camera duty, as players can exit the Facility, head back to the Home Base to drop off scrap, then send a message using the Signal Translator. This can warn teammates of an active Jester or Coil-Head. It can also tell others if mines and turrets are near the main entrance. Lastly, the Signal Translator can offer vital information about monsters near the main entrance, while the “nearby activity” prompt cannot.

So, there you have it. You have learned everything you need to know about the Signal Translator and Transmitters in Lethal Company. Happy Hunting!


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