Does Fortnite Festival have split screen?

Bandmates should play together.

Fortnite Festival instruments
Image via Epic Games

In Fortnite Festival, you get to play either solo or with your bandmates. Of course, seeing your bandmates on screen while playing could be an advantage for your band to hit the notes and beat more precisely. This is where the split screen feature can come in handy.

There are four playable options you can choose from in Fortnite Festival. You can either sing as the vocalist or play instruments such as the guitar, bass, and drums. If you watch concerts or band performances, you should know that all the pieces of a band play together in one place.

But does the game already offer the split screen option? Here’s everything you need to know.

Does Fortnite Festival have split screen?

Fortnite Festival gameplay, with the tab and a girl playing an electric guitar.
Jam to your favorite tracks in Fortnite Festival. Image via Epic Games

At the moment, Fortnite Festival does not have a split-screen option. Epic Games answered this directly on the game’s official website.

So, you can just either focus on your vocals or instrument of choice or play with a pre-made party of up to four players and open the in-game voice chat.

Will Fortnite Festival have split screen in the future?

Epic Games has not mentioned any specific plans to add a split-screen feature in Fortnite Festival. The traditional Fortnite game, however, does have split screen. So, the possibility of also making this feature available in Fortnite Festival is still open, especially since Epic Games specifically stated that split screen is “currently not available” in the game.

The upcoming feature that Epic Games confirmed to be in development for Fortnite Festival is the support for instrument controllers. After all, the new game centers around music and making players somehow play their real-life instruments in the game can make the experience more enticing.


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