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A character shooting down zombies in MW3
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There’s no shortage of Modern Warfare 3 weapons to pick and choose from when you’re heading into a Zombies match. And even if you have just one insured slot, many of these weapons can also be found during a match, from loot crates, wall buys, dead mercs, or the Mystery Box.

Still, given the randomness of all those other sources, you’re going to want to bring something more than ideal with you via the insured slot, or from your contraband stash if you exfil’d with it in a previous match.

For those brave enough to enter the red zone of Urzikstan and with the trusty and classic Pack-a-Punch Machine in mind, these are our picks of the best guns to use in MW3 Zombies you have to use next time you drop in.

Best MW3 Zombies weapons, listed

This list is based on the Dot team’s collective experiences and hours played in MW3 Zombies. For virtually every weapon on this list, visiting the Pack-a-Punch stations and leveling up the guns is a necessity.

Assault Rifles

SVA 545

MW3: SVA 545
Is the default SVA 545 worth your time? Screenshot by Dot Esports

The SVA 545 is the default weapon for MW3 Zombies for a reason. With a comfortable feel, easy recoil pattern to control, and usefulness in its Pack-a-Punch upgrades, the SVA is a great weapon to invest in from the get-go.


The MCW assault rifle in MW3.
Ol’ reliable. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The MCW is an overwhelming favorite in multiplayer, so its no surprise that its adaptability, handling, accuracy, and recoil control are just as reliable in Zombies.

FR 5.56

MW3: FR 5.56
Only three bullets are needed to kill for the FR 5.56. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The FR 5.56 is a versatile weapon for all ranges. It offers an easily manageable hip-fire, alongside the ability to take out mercenaries and zombies in an insanely quick time to kill, especially with just a single burst needed against low tier zombies.

Shotguns: Lockwood 680

The Lockwood 680 in MW3.
Line ’em up, knock ’em down. Screenshot by Dot Esports

With the right build, the Lockwood 680 is one of the most powerful weapons in Zombies. By adding 12 Gauge Slugs and modifications that maximize its mobility, handling, and range, it can shred enemies from further away and decimate special zombies.

LMGs: Holger 26

MW3: Holger 26
Ammo matters with the Holger 26. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Holger 26 is another great weapon for MW3 Zombies. You should use this weapon when completing Eliminate the Bounty Contracts because you can continue to shoot the target for critical damage with its default 60-round magazine. The Holger can easily take out multiple zombies within quick succession without an Ammo Mod.

Battle Rifles: BAS-B and MTZ-762

The BAS-B and MTZ-762 are great options for MW3 Zombies due to their consistency and high damage. They offer mobility and great range where others don’t. I recommend these weapons for close to mid-range battles unless you are good at handling the recoil. While you may be dishing out more bullets than you’d normally like to, your ammo replenishes easily after killing enemies (so long as you run over their corpses to pick up the supplies).

You can easily wipe hordes of zombies, clear mercenary groups, and take on some of the heavy-hitting, high-threat bosses so long as you Pack-a-Punch these Battle Rifles throughout your deployment.

Sniper Rifle: Longbow

MW3- Longbow
The underrated pick, the Longbow. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Longbow is an underrated weapon. It’s useful against Mercenary Camps and Strongholds, alongside being able to clear cysts inside Infected Strongholds and Aether Nests with a single bullet. This is the perfect weapon for those who only have two-plate armor vest, limited ammo, and armor plates. This requires a patient player who can clear the area and move in to sweep for supplies and ammo to replenish their Longbow.

If you want to use the Longbow, you can pick this up at the Ghalia Seaside Hotel. You need to beat the Rook boss in the area for this weapon to drop as loot. Make sure you have a decent Assault Rifle to run as your secondary,


Outside of the Longbow, there are few viable sniper rifles to use in Zombies.

Marksman Rifle: MCW 6.8

MW3: MCW 6.8
Presenting the critical shooter, the MCW 6.8. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Due to its more precise firing rate, the MCW is a great weapon to Pack-a-Punch and take on higher-tiered enemies in medium to high-threat zones. It’s best used from afar, similar to a sniper rifle. With decent mobility to back it, the MCW offers easy repositioning to counter enemies trying to get close. The MCW allows you to adjust to every critical and weak spot the enemy has, allowing you to stick to headshots, or target that critical damage.

While its con is a slower firing rate, you shouldn’t be using this weapon with an aggressive playstyle. Play for medium to long-range fights and reposition with your high mobility secondary to gain the upper hand in the fight once more.

Wonder Weapons: Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe DG-2

Of course, the Wonder Weapons are undoubtedly the best in MW3 Zombies. However, their spawns are incredibly rare and even if you manage to get their permanent schematics, the 48-hour cooldown period stops you from frequently using them in your deployments. But if you get your hands on one of these weapons randomly via a loot cache, Mystery Box, or as a reward, make sure to hold onto it for dear life.

For those looking for a Ray Gun or the Wunderwaffe schematic, complete contracts and check Reward Rifts in the high threat tier (red zone on the map). For the the Wunderwaffe, you can also complete the Tier Four, Act Three story mission, Holdout.


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